Online Fitness classes at H&T!

Given the current climate we are now an online fitness studio!

The pricing listed on this page is current as of March 2020 until our studios open again.

We are still running 17 sessions a week!

Online fitness classes are really easy to participate in.

For each class you book into, you will be sent a video conference link. Simply join the video conference and you'll be guided through the warm up, format and the class - all in real time with our head coaches.

Hustle & Thrive, Heidelberg

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Test out as many classes as you like with us over a week. With so many instructor-let high intensity formats and strength and conditioning to choose from across 17 classes run each week – you’ll find plenty to enjoy!

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Benefits of online fitness classes

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Online Fitness is booming and all you need is your phone and an internet connection.

You’re not longer limited to walking around the block whilst you’re working from home or self isolating. You get a massive choice including High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), strength training and even Pilates to build that core. All of this can be done at home with online fitness training available for an incredibly low price.

Fitness is no longer about treadmills and intimidating free weights in a huge communal space. Your patio, backyard, garage and your living room are now your gym, with each workout customised to you and your workout style.

During this crisis, gyms and fitness studios in Australia are closed and people people are struggling to find ways to maintain their physical and mental health.

However, you don’t need a gym to workout. In addition, if you’re not a big fan of running, it can be hard to know what to else there is to do to stay fit.

Thankfully, Hustle & Thrive Heidelberg are now running online fitness classes with an enormous range of classes and routines that you can join live. In addition, if you want to squeeze in an additional class you can access pre-recorded sessions at your leisure.

Benefits of online fitness classes

You get attention and motivation through an online fitness community

Online fitness training is a revolution for being part of a great community that is focused on staying fit. However some people thatbecause you’re not in the same location as your trainer, you’ll feel demotivated by online fitness training. However, Hustle & Thrive Online proves that this is simply not the case.

The H&T coaches are fixated on providing a personal touch to each workout and you’ll know that they’re right behind you. Even if you workout with your video turned off, you’ll hear encouragement to keep you pushing hard in each workout.

In addition, once the workout is done you can logon to the Facebook private group to keep up to date with what other people are doing, some great recipe ideas and just general chit-chat.

get motivated with online fitness classes

Professional advice is part of the online fitness package

Getting fit is actually simple and there’s no secrets. Everyone knows that eating good food and moving more will give you better results.

The secret is in the person motivating you that will make all the difference. The H&T trainers are the best when it comes to understanding the needs of the everyday person, be that a parent, athlete or someone taking their first steps towards a better them.

For instance, it’s quite easy to go for a run and just take it pretty easy. Imagine having a trainer guiding you and pushing you along the way. If you have limited time, then using a great trainer like H&T’s will get you results faster.

Online fitness is more flexible

Well, normally most people have pretty busy schedules trying to get kids to school then themselves onto work or doing the daily house routines. With most businesses now running entirely online, rather than face to face, you can choose when you want to workout.

Love an early start? Then jump on for an online fitness class at 6am to get your body pumping. You’ll get to know the 6am crew who love nothing more than sweating it out whilst the sun comes up.

Prefer to have a latte then hit the workout? Then 9.30 live is your time to Thrive. What about a sunset workout? Then 6pm is your time to hustle.

And what about if you’re into midnight workouts? Well there’s not going to be a live one at midnight however you can always access the back catalogue to get your sweat on.

workout when you want with online fitness classes

Online fitness is more affordable

Cheap anything isn’t always better however saving some money is great to do when you can. Hustle & Thrive is already an affordable way to train be it in the gym or via the online fitness classes.

When compared to the competition, Hustle & Thrive Heidelberg is simply too hard to resist. The community is incredibly strong and that’s what keeps people coming back. The new online formats make it even easier for you to join in classes quickly and without costing you a bomb.

There’s nothing skimped with a lower price at Hustle & Thrive Heidelberg and you get the exact same service as any other client. Our clients love the new online fitness classes and say that they have the same experience online as face to face.

In short, online fitness classes can be a great way to get access to a fitness expert without paying top dollar.

online fitness is affordable

Online fitness results are the same

The hard work has always been up to you. A trainer can’t make you sweat but the best ones inspire you to.

Gone are the days of trainers intimidating and yelling at you. You have to want to do this yourself which is call intrinsic motivation.

Technology like Zoom helps you interact with your trainer and your community, so you can all keep tabs on each other no matter where you are.

At Hustle & Thrive Heidelberg, we’ll make sure that you have great form and tecnique, not just grinding out a workout and possibly setting yourself up for an injury.

Online fitness training will be here to stay, with so many people quickly becoming accustomed to working out at home.

In summary, don’t worry that you won’t see your trainer in person. As mentioned you have to do the hard work no matter where you are. If you have the right motivation you will get there!